Reclaimed Pine Flooring

The images above show a recent project completed by a regular customer, utilising our stock of reclaimed pine flooring panels to create a sought-after flooring look.

This is the second house in which the customer has chosen to employ Cawarden Brick & Tile Company, truly showcasing how fantastic our products and services are. The flooring seen in the image above is comprised of a reclaimed pine, lightly sanded and finished to offer a clean yet rustic appearance. The natural wooden knots and luxurious dark brown hue are allowed to shine.

Thanks Debbie for the pictures! The completed project looks stunning and truly compliments the surrounding interior theme.

If this customer project has ignited your eagerness to overhaul your property using reclaimed materials, why not contact the Cawarden Brick & Tile Company team today? Simply call 01889 574066 or peruse through our ever-expanding stock of reclaimed wood floorboards to uncover your ideal flooring solution.

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