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Estimate how many bricks you might need for your project below:

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    Please note that this calculator assumes a 10mm mortar joint is being used and the wall is constructed as a single skin of brickwork.

    The calculator results shown above should only be used for guidance and are not guaranteed to be correct for your requirements as every project is unique.

Our brick calculator is so easy to use, a brick could use it. Brick wall calculators are useful for breezing through estimates for large scale building projects or quickly working out how many bricks you need for filling a hole in a wall at home. Use our brick quantity calculator to calculate bricks needed, then browse our massive range of millions of every type of new and reclaimed brick.

How Many Bricks Do I Need

As a guide, you need as many bricks as our brick calculator says. Put in the dimensions of the bricks you want to use and size you want to cover. If you are unsure of your bricks dimensions and cannot measure it, the standard co-ordinating size for brickwork is 225 mm x 112.5 mm x 75 mm (length x depth x height), but this may be different to your bricks. Here at Cawarden, we aim to be as helpful as possible, so whether you want to use our brick wall calculator to answer "how many bricks do I need?" or need anything else, Cawarden has you covered.

Browse the bricks we have in stock below or give us a call on (01889) 574 066 if you have any questions.


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