As the unseasonably warm summer melts into the brisk chill of autumn, there is truly nothing better than curling up by the fire with a hot drink and a loved one. If you are considering installing a fireplace to help ease those colder days, why not think about purchasing a reclaimed fireplace? Not only do they look striking, but they are practical and will help to ensure that your property is combatting the cold throughout autumn and winter.

To aid your decision, Cawarden Brick & Tile Co have offered three advantages to installing a reclaimed fireplace within your property this autumn.

Add value to your home
It is no secret that a flickering fireplace will instantly add a feel of comfort and sophistication into your home. As a strong architectural feature, your fireplace will become a talking point which unifies the interior of your living room. If you are looking to sell your house, a reclaimed fireplace will actually add value to your home, instantly making a room look ornate with a unique feature that will likely not be found in properties similar to your own.

Source of warmth
Although it goes without saying, a reclaimed fireplace will work just as well as a new fireplace to throw heat and light into the room. Save on energy bills during the winter by lighting the fire and closing the door behind you.

In many cases, people may refrain purchasing reclaimed fireplaces due to their fairly distinct appearance. However, reclaimed fireplaces can absolutely work beautifully with a wide range of interior themes. A neutral room comprised of muted creams and greys would be complemented wonderfully by a Victorian fireplace, whereas a cast iron fireplace would help to enhance and hone a traditional interior. When selecting a reclaimed fireplace supplier, ensure that you choose one that can provide a vast array of fireplace styles in order to discover the one that is perfect for you.

Should you choose to purchase a reclaimed fireplace for your home, it is integral that you purchase from a reputable source that can knowledgeably assist your buying decisions and are aware of the history behind your chosen product.

Here at Cawarden Brick & Tile Co, we can provide our customers with an extensive range of new and reclaimed fireplaces, both of which are perfect for any home interior. If you have any questions about our products on offer, do not hesitate to contact our expert and friendly team at 01889 574066. We will be more than happy to guide you through our range, and offer suggestions to ensure that your home finds its perfect reclaimed fireplace today.